Wye and Rhode Rivers

After leaving the Corsica river, we spent two nights in Picarroo cove in the Wye East, one night in a cove north of Shaw bay and one night in the Rhode River.  Piccarroo cove has long been one of our favorites both as an anchorage and as a base for the meanest, the nastiest, the dirtiest, and the stinkiest pirate on the Chesapeake bay, Captain Piccarroo.  And, we started this cruise in Piccarroo cove on the Wye in July 2013.

Piccarroo Cove, Wye Island

Piccarroo Cove, Wye Island

We finally circumnavigated Wye Island by dinghy (technically we have circumnavigated Wye island before as part of our passages to New England and back via the Atlantic).  It was a Monday, but we were still surprised that there wasn’t another cruising boat anywhere in sight anywhere near Wye island.    We stopped at our favorite rope swing at Drum Point and marveled at the upgrades since last year.  Progress keeps marching on.

Drum Point, Wye Island

Drum Point, Wye Island

Finally, after moving for our last night in the Wye to get more breeze, we moved across the bay on Wednesday to the Rhode.  Can you imagine a more fitting send off than a full double rainbow at sunset on the last night of our cruise?

Rhode River, double rainbow

Rhode River, double rainbow

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2 Responses to Wye and Rhode Rivers

  1. Jen says:

    That’s a wonderful welcome back home! I saw it last night after T-bone finished racing. I’ve never seen one like it in Annapolis.

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