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415 days.  7,700 nm.

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Tales of Cocoa, Stage 2

We started step two of our experiment with the cocoa beans we collected on Dominica. Step one was to ferment for one week. Translation: let the beans rot. You may have noticed the blue and orange mold you’d expect on … Continue reading

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Tales of Cocoa and Cocoy

Everywhere we look are trees full of fruit.  We expected palm trees with coconuts and banana trees.  These are leading exports for the island. We’d even heard about abundant mangoes and papaya. Grapefruit and oranges growing in the rain forest … Continue reading

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Birding at Syndicate Forest

This afternoon, we took a spectacular trip up to Syndicate Forest with the bird expert for Dominica, Bertrand Jno Baptiste.  He is a forester in his day job, but is an expert in the birds of Dominica and has even … Continue reading

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To Market

Saturday morning we headed into the market that takes place every Saturday morning.  It is busy, noisy, and colorful.  Most of the sellers have fruits and vegetables.  A few have canned goods, pasta and similar products.  Many of the tables … Continue reading

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Don’t ever park here. Really.

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Eat more chicken

Hannes snapped this as a new ad for Chic-Fil-A, or in this case, KFC.

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