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Fishing in Maryland

If you fish in Maryland without a license, they may suspend your license.

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Whales, birds, and Supermoons

We have had two good days of long day passages under motor (we never saw winds above 5 knots).  We left Cape Elizabeth /Richmond Island at 0500 bound for Gloucester, but made good time early on and decided to head … Continue reading

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Don’t chew on your ticket

If you want to ride the Swan’s Island ferry, don’t chew on your ticket first.

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Not for you

Seen in sal and carmine’s Pizzeria.  

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In case of emergency

Do not under any circumstances even think of pulling the emergency cord.  Not for fire, not for a medical emergency, not for a police-related emergency.  Never. Can you pull the emergency cord in a non-emergency?

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Important signs and a nice anchor

If you find yourself on the submarine USS Growler in the hangar for the nuclear ballistic missile and the bell rings and the red light is on, get out of there fast.  Sounds like a good plan. USS Growler was … Continue reading

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I love this sign

We love the image created by this sign.  Self-service by picking and pulling your own auto parts.

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